Storm Damage Assessment

With over 35 years of actual construction and consulting experience, Luke Vermeulen understands the materials and their application process. Because of his unique skill set from those years of experience, he excels at assessing the aftermath of hurricane, tornado, blizzard and hail storm damage situations. For instance, Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) walls are particularly susceptible to storm water infiltration. Roof problems are generally in the detailing. Glazing may only "look" unaffected. He understands how each is affected by wind and water.  

Luke Vermeulen has performed forensic investigations/inspections in more than 20 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. He understands how a building envelope reacts to the various storm aspects such as wind, water, hail, material failure and fatigue. From his varied construction experience, he can recognize the difference between proper and improper installation, deteriorated/weathered materials and the damage caused by a storm occurrence.
Through his company, LukArl & Associates, Luke Vermeulen has worked for building owners, insurance providers, and engineering firms when storms have ravaged numerous areas across the country as well as the Caribbean. 

Mr. Vermeulen is a trained Windstorm Network Damage Appraiser and Certified Windstorm Umpire.

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