Site Assessment & Construction Management 

Building Condition Assessments

LukArl & Associates performs all types of building envelope condition assessments. While water intrusion is often the main cause of an envelope’s problems, all of the related substrate structural deterioration concerns must also be addressed. Understanding how the building envelope goes together is integral in resolving failure issues. These often include EIFS, stucco, structural substrate deterioration, and roofing and waterproofing failure. Too often, previous repairs have been made in a stop-gap method, with the actual cause of water intrusion never being properly addressed.

LukArl & Associates also conducts interim construction inspections to resolve installation conflicts, to ensure quality control, and to verify completion rates for contractor pay requests, including ASTM E2018 property condition assessment reports.

Scope, Plan Development and Design Review

LukArl & Associates does not try to second-guess the owner’s or designer’s "intent." The focus is always to address a system's functional and incorporative integrity first, and then the aesthetics. Mr. Vermeulen has performed design reviews for such firms as Gensler, HKS, Manhattan Construction, Bechtel, and Austin Commercial, among others. LukArl & Associates also evaluates and develops project budgets to assist owners, designers and contractors in their decision making process.

Project & Contract Management

LukArl & Associates believes that, by nature, a man will strive to accomplish a task based on how he believes he is being judged. That fact is coupled with the idea that all construction processes are determined by this maxim:

  1. You can have it Fast,
  2. You can have it Cheap,
  3. You can have it Right,

But, you only get to pick two. And whichever two you emphasize, the third will proportionately suffer. This, along with honesty and recognizing the options, is the key to successful completion of any project.

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