Litigation Support

With over 35 years of experience in building envelope issues, including material application, construction oversight and inspection, work scope development, project management, forensic investigation and OSHA training and accident investigation, Luke Vermeulen of LukArl & Associates brings a unique skill set to litigation support as a construction expert witness. 

He has been accepted as an expert by the Court in Texas, Florida and Louisiana in Building Envelope Design, Forensic Evaluation, System Installation, Project Estimating and Project Management. He is also an OSHA Authorized Trainer, OSHA trained Accident Investigator and Contractor Recordkeeping Analyst, as well as a Windstorm Network Damage Appraiser and Certified Windstorm Umpire.

Luke Vermeulen is not a hired gun; he calls the situation as he sees it. He understands his function as a litigation consultant or expert witness to be that of assisting counsel in understanding and connecting the relevant facts and circumstances involved in the construction process. His opinions have repeatedly withstood Daubert / 702 challenge and he intends to keep it that way. 

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