OSHA Accident Investigation

For over 35 years Mr. Vermeulen has applied the OSHA regulations to the construction process, from starting as a construction laborer, through advancement to field supervisor and project manager, to performing the safety training and field record keeping requirements. As a division manager of a large contracting company he oversaw the company safety program including accident investigations and corporate record keeping. 

As a construction consultant, part of the job is to track and verify a project’s safety requirements. Accordingly, Mr. Vermeulen has continued his safety training and is an Authorized OSHA Trainer and an OSHA trained Accident Investigator. 

The application, or misapplication, of the OSHA requirements to the construction process can signal tendencies of how a contractor addresses other parts of his work scope. Mr. Vermeulen’s broad construction experience provides him understanding of the construction methods, the OSHA safety requirements, and the relationship between them.

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